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Psychic Testing

Well it has been a while since I’ve posted or even participated in this little site of mine and for that I apologize. It seems my wife and I have gone through some life changes and my focus was turned away for long time. We’ve had kids, talked about some things and we have continually tried to stay aware – aware of our emotions, feelings, surroundings and most importantly ourselves. I think we have both tried to live in the now and be…just be, whatever we decide to be at that particular moment in time. And it is because of these “musings” that I have come to a crossroads, I seem to have discovered a desire to push Psychic Test Online further, make it better, more informative, more supportive, more better(is that even English…lol). However, I don’t think I can do this alone, I will need the support and participation of everyone who visits this site and I hope that each of you find the time to make a difference in what could become our little place on the net.

I would like to see this site grow into the “go to” site for all things spiritual, psychic, metaphysical, new age, etc. I’m not sure how to restrict its focus to just one topic area, it really needs to be a site that people can depend upon to answer questions, questions I think we all have or have had at one point in time in our lives. I’m seeing book reviews, maybe a forum, a better MUCH presentation of psychic test online, we could even add psychic reviews, current events and news about spirituality, psychic and the metaphysical worlds, get some guest posters, do some interviews, like I’ve said, I don’t know where it will end up. But I do know that I want your participation.

I’ve created a mailing list with Mad Mimi and I plan on using this list as the sounding board for my ideas and anything else that I find cool along the way.  I’ll be sending updates and surveys to the list so that I can get everyone’s feedback on the changes and discover what everyone would really like to see or get from a site of this kind.  I know that I want a place to go to learn something new, have a community that supports its users and really tries to help in any way possible.  These are trying times we live in and dealing with life in general is tough enough.  So please sign up and be a part of something great, be a part of the transformation and be a part of our community.

 Whatever the site becomes then that is where it was supposed to be. I will be going through and making some design changes, upgrading some code, making it more presentable. Again, please note that I will also be sending out a survey to the mailing list and would appreciate your participation in deciding where we take this thing. I hope you will join me in our little endeavor.  I do appreciate all the comments and suggestions so far and I look forward to continuing to support this community into the future.  Until next time…choose who you want to be and be that!


Testing your Psychic Ability with Psychic Test Online

Have you ever had a psychic premonition? Perhaps it was receiving a call from the person you were just thinking about, or an unsettling feeling that motivates you to change your schedule – only to discover later that you avoided misfortune by doing so? These, often brief, encounters with psychic abilities are more common than […]

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