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Zener cards where created by Karl Zener and his colleague J. B. Rhine in the early 1930’s to conduct a more accurate psychic test online.  Previously the two had been conducting tests with a standard deck of cards; however, this caused variables in their analysis.  What happens is that the subject may have a preference for a particular card and is only credited a correct answer if they guess both the number and suit of the card which results in much lower accuracy and statistical ambiguity.  The team created a set of cards that included a circle, cross, square, star and waves, however there are variations on this theme that include face of people, foods, numbers, colors, etc.

To conduct a test with the Zener cards the tester would shuffle the deck and remove a single card.  The face of the card is hidden from the subjects view as he is asked to predict the symbol on the card.  The tester takes note of the card and the subject’s response and the test continues like this until the deck is depleted.  Once the test is complete the predictions, correct or incorrect are recorded and his success is calculated.  The following is a scoring chart from their tests:

* Under 1.96 = No psychic ability
* 1.96 to 2.58= Some psychic ability
* 2.58 to 3.00= Significant psychic ability.
* Over 3.00= Very significant psychic ability.

The chart above is derived from a set of algorithms that Dr Rhine created to score the subjects on their psychic ability.  The calculation is based on the number of card sets, the number of cards in each set and the symbols associated with the set.  The student’s predictions were also taken into account along with the number of guesses, correct and incorrect responses.

With the advent of computers and technology, there are multiple ways to actually simulate these test today.  Be sure that if you choose to take these updated test that you clear you mind and try to predict, at a minimum, 100 cards.  The high number of predications will give you a more accurate result and provide an idea of your actual psychic ability.  There are many places on the Internet that offer these psychic test online and I would suggest looking into it if you believe you have the gift.