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Have you ever had a psychic premonition? Perhaps it was receiving a call from the person you were just thinking about, or an unsettling feeling that motivates you to change your schedule – only to discover later that you avoided misfortune by doing so? These, often brief, encounters with psychic abilities are more common than you may think.

While it’s common to dismiss psychic incidents as mere coincidence, in reality a vast majority of people experience ascend into the realm of psychic abilities without even realizing it. If you suspect that you have had some kind of psychic event, or even if you are just curious, you can validate your suspicions by testing your abilities. An effectively way of developing your innate psychic abilities, is by first determining what your psychic abilities are and which ones are the strongest. You can easily test your psychic abilities by taking any number of the psychic tests that are available on-line.

Whether you choose a test that requires an Internet connection, or download a test to be taken at your kitchen table. You have never had more opportunity to assess your psychic abilities in the privacy of your own home. The Internet is chocked full of web-sites that offer free psychic testing and advice on developing your psychic abilities. Of course, like anything else on the Internet, choose carefully whose advice you decide to follow. If a web-site seems too good to be true – then it probably is. That said, common online psychic tests are formatted to ask you a series of questions, deck of Zener Cards, or present images, of a psychic nature and compare your results to the probability of simply randomly answering questions. Test scores ranging above average probability generally indicate psychic ability. Additionally, most web sites give you the benefit of automatic scoring and immediate feedback.

Another helpful way of testing your psychic abilities is to begin keeping a journal of events (that you suspect to be psychic) for later examination. Quite often psychic moments are so brief, that they can be easily overlooked and forgotten. Events you may wish to record may include premonitions of events, whether through sudden flashes of insight or through dreams. Dreams can prove particularly useful as a “training ground” for psychic abilities. Your psychic journal should also document the instances of psychic events manifesting themselves in reality (these too can be fleeting). If your psychic abilities prove to be significant, they will become readily apparent through a review of your journal.

More advanced formal testing is often available in a clinical environment; these tests are usually conducted by academic institutions and their availability is usually announced by way of a request of participants. Your best course of action would be to contact these institutions directly. While these highly controlled tests usually result in greater accuracy, the stress of being in a clinical environment can possibly have a detrimental effect on your psychic abilities.

Outside of the traditional academic route, numerous psychic training programs provide excellent, and sometimes rigorous, opportunities to develop your psychic abilities at your own pace. When it comes to web sites, books, or programs, catering to the novice psychic, it is a buyer’s market and it is advisable to research your choices before committing to any one particular program. Regardless of your choice of venue, a commitment to improving your psychic abilities is a life improving activity that will benefit your personal and spiritual growth.