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It took me years to notice it.  I would have these words pop into my head, my little inner voice would mention something and it was so random that I would disregard it.  As I progressed down the psychic path I began to realize that this was my clairaudience and I should have been listening!  It would often manifest itself as a single word like “cheeseburgers” and I would learn later that my wife had been thinking of having cheeseburgers all day.  When I started paying attention I noticed that these random events happened more often than I realized.

In my case, I receive random words and if I’m not careful they will slip through the normal clutter of thoughts running through my mind.  I’m especially aware during moments of quiet and meditation or in times of great duress.  It seems that during my normal day to day the messages get lost in my own internal conversations.  It is never ending work trying to keep up and recognizing my clairaudience and catching the messages as they arrive.

In developing my Clairaudience, I continue to use meditation as a tool and of course psychic test online.  Sometimes I take a recorder with me and record the voices I hear, the tone or even the volume of those voices.  If I bring a note pad, I will write down everything that comes to mind and note the same things as before.  Over the weeks and months I will compare notes and recordings and try to determine what is me and what is coming from the other side.  It is sometimes difficult but after practicing, it has become easier.   I begin to see the patterns, notice the tone or even the sound of the voices that I hear and these things help me filter the messages during my everyday life.

One thing I find interesting is the number of people in mental institutions that claim they hear voices then speak and act upon what they hear.  I guess my question is are they truly mentally disabled or simply more aware than the we are?  It is a mystery and one I often consider as I continue to grow more and more attune with my higher self.  It makes me wonder who is really the disabled?  Am I the one with the problem?  Society has taught us that these types are things that make us crazy and I just wonder…

It is my hope that you find your Clairaudience and are able to develop it to an extent that it will be useful.  It really is just a matter or paying attention, being conscious or being aware.  Once do find it and can recognize it just make sure to use it because if you don’t it will sink back into the chatter of everyday life.  It is truly a gift and one I hope you can use to better your life as well as others.


Simple Psychic Test Online

I’ve added a simple psychic test so that everyone can get an idea of their potential.  I built it based on a poll format so that everyone could compare their results with others.  All you have to do is relax, concentrate and select what will be displayed.  Once you are aware of your answer select […]

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