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Everyone is born with psychic ability but very few people have learned how to tap into it and experience it fully.  Generally, when people begin to sense their powers they may take a psychic test, read some books on the subject or maybe experienced some psychic event.  In this first stage of development people will begin to read more new age books, maybe begin using new age vocabulary and start to dabble in developing their basic ability.  It may be at this time that you want to understand your particular ability, please see the most often recognized abilities in our article – “The 3 Most Recognized Psychic Abilities”.  However, knowing what type of give you have isn’t enough; you must face your fear and move forward but unfortunately, this is where most give up and never reach their full potential.

As your psychic power grows, you will begin to realize that developing the actual ability is just a small part of the greater picture.  In this stage of development, of your power will allow you to feel or see what other people are thinking.  You should be able to take this information and communicate the thoughts and ideas back to them but this ability is of little use, just a nice party trick.  If you are going to be using your ability as a tool to help people then this stage is not of much use as you are only telling people what they already know.  It is at this point that most people begin to get a little afraid as it almost seems unnatural but this is far from the truth.  Tapping into your psychic power is more natural than you may think.  Once you reach this level, you most move forward and begin interacting with your “higher self”.

Once you reach stage three of your psychic development, you can begin using tools such as Tarot cards, to help communicate your divinity.  It is at this stage that if you feel the need to help others you should consider sharing your gift and helping others along their path.  Please make sure that this is a journey you want to undertake becomes with great power comes great responsibility; it will be your job as a psychic counselor to help others with integrity and respect.  You can begin enjoying your new found senses and if you take your responsibility seriously you will be successful, it is only a matter of time.


The Three Most Recognized Psychic Abilities and How to Test Them Online

There is an extraordinary long list of psychic abilities including Astral Projection, Channeling, Psychic Healing, etc. however, we will only be discussing the three most recognized forms of psychic abilities. * Clairvoyance * Clairaudience * Clairsentience Clairvoyance – Part of the larger phenomenon known as ESP (extra sensory perception), it typically refers to manifestations of […]

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