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There is an extraordinary long list of psychic abilities including Astral Projection, Channeling, Psychic Healing, etc. however, we will only be discussing the three most recognized forms of psychic abilities.

* Clairvoyance
* Clairaudience
* Clairsentience

Clairvoyance – Part of the larger phenomenon known as ESP (extra sensory perception), it typically refers to manifestations of the visual field outside the realm of human senses.  Taken from the French term “clear seeing” it is one of the most popular types of psychic ability.  This “sixth sense” can be referred to as “remote viewing” and Clairvoyant persons can often see events occurring in the past and future.  The more attuned psychic can derive some detailed capabilities from their Clairvoyance such as actually seeing events that are happening at the same time in different locations.  This ability is easily measured with a simple psychic test so don’t worry if you are uncertain about your particular power, it is easily verified.

Clairaudience – This psychic ability is hearing sounds that are not audible by most people.  Psychics with this ability will often hear clearly voices, words, or other sounds that are associated with angels, spirits and even events from the higher planes.  People report that Clairaudience experiences often occur in times of stress; these stories are often similar to the one of a man that heard an inner voice telling him to drive to work instead of riding the bus only to find that his bus was involved in a severe accident.

Clairsentience – One of the most common forms of psychic ability as it refers to the act of “clear knowing”.  The inner feeling that something is going to happen and it is automatically known as the truth.  This is often mistaken as intuition by many people but is actually their psychic power showing through.  Everyone has experienced Clairsentience at some point in time but often pass it off as just a “gut feeling”.  Please don’t make that mistake, you have to recognize this moments as they come and after time you will become more aware of them.

Once you have determined your potential psychic power it is easy to take a psychic test online to determine your true ability.


Techniques and Tests for Developing Your Psychic Clairvoyance

As I discussed previous Clairvoyance is the ability to sense the realm outside our five human senses or extras sensory perception (ESP).  The term, Clairvoyance, comes from French “clear vision” and is sometimes known as the “sixth sense).  The Clairvoyant will be able to perceive objects, persons, thoughts and events, past and present, to gain […]

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